My name is Susan

Stage design

My name is Susan is a play about Alzheimer’s disease and identity, but above all a play about four women and their strong friendship.

The scenography is elegant and minimalistic. It’s an interpretation of Susan’s mind, gradually taken over by alzheimer’s disease.

The space is divided by a white fringe curtain, full of holes, like Susan’s memory. The furniture keeps changing place, and the black shiny floor reminds us of the inevitably approaching death.

Premiered in 2018 in Seinäjoki City Theatre

Text: Rikke Völck Direction: Satu Linnapuomi On stage: Liisu Aurasmaa, Maria Pere, Mari Pöytälaakso, Mia Vuorela Stage design: Aino Koski Sound design: Sami Lust Light design: Sanna Alasaari Costume design: Riikka Aurasmaa Photos: Jukka Kontkanen, Sanna Alasaari, Aino Koski