In Construction


In Construction was a site specific installation in Paris, at On-Off Studio gallery.

Four international artists were invited to spend a week in the gallery space, making an installation using recycled materials. Adapting the surrealists’ Exquisite corpse technique, each artist continued from where the previous artist left.

I started to create leaves and flowers, adding a touch of rain to the mineral and minimalistic approach of the artists before me. I wanted to make the gallery bloom, creating a jungle around an armchair we found in the street. The following artists reshaped the space with plastic, colorful lights, writings and frames, creating a new narrative.

2018 On-Off Studio, Paris

Curated by Maria Cosatto and Aino Koski Artists: Anneleen de Causmaecker, Barbara Ardenois, Stefan Todoroviç, Aino Koski, Mika Haaranen Photos: Aino Koski, Mika Haaranen, Maria Cosatto, Dorian Huet