Wintercircus Play

Stage design for a contemporary circus performance.

Wintercircus by Hurjaruuth dance theatre is a hugely popular annual contemporary circus performance.

In Wintercircus Play the theme is video games and freedom. The stage is as playful as the performance, constantly moving and evolving, creating new worlds for the trampoline, rope, cyr wheel and many more acts.

Premiered in 2017 in Pannuhalli, Cable factory Helsinki

Direction: Davide Giovanzana Assisting director: Raúl Vargas Music: Teho Majamäki Stage design: Aino Koski Costume design: Riitta Röpelinen Light design: Antti Helminen Video design: Joona Pettersson Performers: Inga Björn, Onna Degerman, Toivo Kautto, Elina Raasakka, Simon James Reynolds, Thomas Rose, Rosa Tyyskä, Jordan Webb, Simeoni Juoperi, Florian Grobéty Photos: Aino Koski, Jouni Ihalainen and Tommi Koivisto