Exquisite corpse

Installation in Kallio Kunsthalle Helsinki

Exquisite corpse was a group exhibition, in which six artists were each able to spend six days improvising freely in a gallery space. The artists occupied the space in their own way, bringing in sound, video, performance, painting or installation art. Each building a work of art in relation to the previous artist’s work.

I started my installation from a red tape on the wall. I began to draw with tape, making a huge geometrical picture. I started to frame the details of the gallery space with red tape, adding some collages on the walls, commenting the previous artist’s work. In the end I painted the tape drawing, creating an urban fresco on the gallery wall.

The following artists brought in text, performance art and sound installation.

Curated by Praxis Näljätoista Artists: Kati Roover, Riikka Innanen, Ella Tahkolahti, Favela Vera Ortiz, Subliimit Tulkinnat, Aino Koski Photos: Aino Koski and Dorian Huet