Sara Wacklinin Oulu palaa

Stage design

“Sara Wacklinin Oulu palaa” (”Sara Wacklin’s Oulu is burning”) is a historical play that takes place in the city of Oulu at the beginning of the 19th century.

It is a story of society’s hierarchies and social structures from a feminist standpoint.

The scenography is a modern interpretative twist to the period. It takes over Oulu City Theatre’s big stage with glass ceilings, cage-like frames and enormous staircases - representations of classic power symbols.

Premiered in 2019 in Oulu city theatre big stage

Text and direction: Hanna Ojala On stage: Oulu City Theatre ensemble Choreography: Petri Kauppinen Stage design: Aino Koski Costume design: Pasi Räbinä Light design: Elina Romppainen Sound design: Olli Paakkolanvaara

Photos: Maiju Pohjanheimo