Edustaja / the Representative

Stage design

Valtteri Raekallio’s The Representative is an immersive, multi-disciplinary performance based on the poems of Eino Santanen, combining dance, theatre, poetry, and installation art.

The site-specific performance starts with a bus ride to an unknown place. The audience is taken to a huge warehouse, where they are guided from one space to another. The space is moving around them, always revealing new angles, until opening up completely.

Premiered in 2014 in the Jätkäsaari Bunker, Helsinki

Artistic concept and direction: Valtteri Raekallio On stage: Auri Ahola, Mirva Mäkinen, Eino Santanen and Valtteri Raekallio Stage design: Aino Koski Technical design: Lauri Lundahl Photos: Marko Mäkinen