Stage design and costumes

Mielensäpahoittaja ja Ruskeakastike is a play based on a popular book by Tuomas Kyrö. Story about an old man who has to learn to cook. The director wanted ”something crazy” on stage. So I started to design the landscape of an old man’s mind in a very abstract level; thinking about the circle of life, wood logs, potatoes and dirt.

The set is minimalistic and functional. The actors can move the elements on stage, re-organise the space throughout the performance.

Premiered in 2013 in Pori City Theatre

Director: Seppo Honkonen Text: Tuomas Kyrö On stage: Jarmo Koski, Jukka Juolahti Stage design and costumes: Aino Koski Photos: Aino Koski and Janne Alhonpää